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Heat Insulation Coating

Heat Insulation Coating

HY-COOL is the only of it kind Insulative coating which provides a protective UMBRELLA against heat, rains and heavy electric bill. HY-COOL is made with UV resistive highly elastomeric acrylic binder which makes it long lasting. Major part of the sun rays go back by it special reflective additives, while remaining part dose not enter in to the roof body as HY-COOL coating contains non conductive microfiber. Insulative& water proofing protective coating is widely used in assortment of industries. Heat Insulation Coating is available with chief attributes such as:

  • Superior Insulative coating for hot summer & water proof for monsoon.
  • A drastic reduction in the temp. Of up to 10 C. below the HY-COOL coated surface compare to uncoated surface. (For above the rang of ambient tem. Of atmospheric air only)
  • It makes a comfortable working atmosphere for family members at home and workers in factory shed.
  • Saving in electricity bill for air conditioning.
  • HY-COOL Coating is washable, Eco-friendly and fungus resistive.
  • Most ideally can apply on RCC roof, Wall, A.C., Sheet & Water storage tank.
  • Packing:- 5 ltr., 35 ltr., 50 ltr., 200 ltr.

We are tagged as one of the most illustrious Reflective Heat Insulation Coatings Manufacturers and Suppliers from India.


  • Very high radiant heat reflectivity and very low thermal conductivity to provide wonderful thermal insulation effect.
  • Very good sound isolation effect for reduce the sound of raindrop out side.
  • Good durability and weatherability.
  • Excellent water resistanting property to permit no other waterproofing construction.
  • Mainten good effects within the temprecher rang of 400C – 2000C
  • Water based and environment friendly contain no heavy metal and other hazzardes substances.
  • Good adherence to cement, wood, metal, frp etc. substances.

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